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How You Can Build Muscle Naturally

When the body is put into test by doing strenuous activities, it normally reacts by strengthening the muscle fibers.  So to build muscle, lifting weights is always an essential part of the fitness plan.  The body builds more strength in areas where you put stress.  That is why people who like to have washboard abdominal muscles, they usually do crunches and sit ups.  These exercises put stress into the abdominal muscles through its contraction movements.  Those individuals who run almost every day or who serious in joining marathons to win have prominent muscle shape on their legs and calves.  However, people who want to work on specific muscle groups should start by doing compound exercises first.

You cannot simply build muscle mass in the biceps by immediately lifting heavily weighted dumbbells.  An essential element in every workout routine is to condition the whole body to build more strength.  You can stay on the bench press only after you have slowly and gradually conditioned a wide range of muscle groups.  Do a variety of workout routines that targets the muscle groups in the arms, legs, upper body, lower body, abdomen, neck, and back.  Be sure to change your routines with 3 sets of 12 to 16 repetitions.  The weights should also be gradually increased to avoid overstressing the muscles which could lead to muscle tear and joint injuries.  Know your body’s capacity and avoid overtraining the body.  Our bodies build muscle when it is at rest.  So take time to snooze and get rejuvenated.

Those individuals who are on the heavy side and who already have flabby legs and arms should be mindful about their eating regimen.  You can only define muscles and build more strength when the excess fats are gone.  So before you start pumping iron, be sure to eliminate fats through dieting and cardio exercises.  There is no way you can immediately have washboard abs and well-defined biceps if you do not lose those excess body fats.  Find a healthful recipe which you can include in your daily meals and eat more vegetables and fruits.  Stay away from fats and include lean protein in your diet.  Your diet should consist of around 80% vegetables and fruits.