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The New HCG Diet

As the problem with obesity gets greater in the world, scientists, doctors, and every day people try to come up with the cure for it. Some of these ideas have had some validity and some were scams developed to take advantage of people with weight problems. The latest trend in curing the problem of obesity has been the HCG Diet. HCG is short for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is the pregnancy hormone that is produced at the time of conception. The presence of HCG in the urine is what makes women test positive on pregnancy tests. It is also what makes women sick when they suffer the condition referred to as morning sickness. Now, this hormone is being used as a weight loss product.

It is said that when HCG is taken, the body is able to tap into its supply of extra fat and utilize it as energy. This is what causes the decrease in appetite and eventually the weight loss. The HCG diet consists of an exercise plan, a massive reduction in the daily intake of calories, and the ingestion of HCG drops. Some women on the HCG diet are dropping down to only consuming 500 calories a day. The HCG is reported to suppress the appetite which prevents the feeling of hunger when such drastic changes are made in the diet.

The normal starter kit for the HCG program includes a 26 day supply of the drops, the vitamin B complex, and an HCG diet manual that explains what to eat and how to eat it. The kit also includes diet recipes, HCG drops Protocol, helpful tips, a grocery list, and free support as we've found reviewed at Although the idea of using the pregnancy hormone to lose weight does sound a bit far fetched, the leading HCG retailer claims that its customers have a ninety percent success rate with the substance.