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Is There A Beezid Scam?

Many consumers are wondering exactly what Beezid is and how it works. The main concern of people who have been thinking about using the site is whether or not there is some kind of Beezid scam going on. There are mixed reviews from people who have tried it. The negative reviews may be from the lack of knowledge about how the site actually works.

Beezid is a high end auction website. It differs greatly from other well known action sites which is probably the reason for so much confusion. All the items that are being auctioned off on Beezid are brand new high quality brand name items. There are no second hand or generic items being offered from this page. What Beezid does is provides an opportunity for people to bid on these expensive items and possibly win them for up to 90 percent off of the retail price. It is not guaranteed that a certain person will win. The risk of losing the auctions are the same as with any other auction site.

In order to bid on Beezid, a consumer has to buy bids. Bidding is not free like it is on other websites. The site does offer a few free bids to its cherry auction bidders, but other than that bids are purchased. They come in packs of 30, 50, 100, 200, and so on. Bids cost anywhere from $.55 to $.90 a piece. The reason why Beezid reviews may be negative is because people are not reading the material on the website. Beezid explains this perfectly. However, some individuals are getting upset and claiming they were scammed because they did not win the auction and they still lost money for the bids. In no way is it a scam because they were told they had to pay to bid. Just because someone pays for the privilege to bid does not mean that person is going to necessarily win the item.